Tutorial on Architecting Fault Tolerant Systems


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SAFECOMP 2008 tutorial

The 27th International Conference on Computer Safety, Reliability and Security (SAFECOMP 2008)
Thursday 25th September, 13:30 - 17:00, Newcastle upon Tyne, UK.
H. Muccini, P. Pelliccione, A. Romanovsky

Tutorial overview: Fault tolerance, being one of the four means for achieving dependability, is intended to ensure the delivery of the correct service in the presence of active faults. While typical fault tolerance solutions aim at extending the design and implementation phases of the software life-cycle (e.g., Java and Windows NT exception handling), more recently the need for explicit integration of fault tolerance solutions into the entire life cycle has been advocated by some researchers. For example, several solutions have been proposed for fault tolerance using exception handling at the software architecture and component levels. This tutorial describes how the concepts of fault tolerance and software architectures have been integrated so far. The tutorial is structured in five parts (Overview of the Software Architecture Domain, Overview of Fault Tolerance and Exception Handling, Integrating Fault Tolerance into Software Architecture, Coordinated Atomic Actions, Examples and Case Studies) and is based on our recent survey study in which more than fifteen approaches to architecting fault tolerant systems have been analysed and classified. The tutorial concludes by identifying the issues that are still open and require further investigation.

Target Audience and supporting materials (tutorial level: intermediate)

The tutorial has been structured to attract a wide range of software engineers. It does not require any specific knowledge on fault tolerance and exception handling. In order to provide a commonly understood definition of software architecture, the talk will introduce an initial informal meaning of software architecture. Tutorial attendants will receive in advance slides that will be presented during the tutorial. They will receive also useful bibliographies and links for further reading.

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