:. Download
  • Changing for the Version 2.0, Version 1.1, Version 1.0.
    To download the tool follow this link.
    Two version are available, released under the GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE:
    • Source Code Version. It is released in a compressed directory containing the build.xml file to compile Charmy by using Apache Ant.
    • Binary Version. The zip file contains Charmy.jar, two directories containg the plugins (core and plugins) and the .sh and the .bat script files to run Charmy under Linux and Windows respectively.

  • Developed plugins
    To integrate the plugins in your charmy version it is sufficient to put the plugin into your plugin directory (charmyHome/plugin).
  • Plugins we are currently working on
    • Charmy ADL: developing an ADL plugin
    • SA Testing: developing a plugin for SA testing
    • UML integration: developing a plugin for import/export to UML tools
    • Compositional Verification: plugin for compositional verification
  • How to implement Charmy plugins
  • API
:. How to install and run the tool
  • Software Required for Execution
      Charmy 1.x: The library xerces.jar is required to open and save the charmy models.
      xerces.jar is in the directory charmyHome.core.a04file.lib
  • Installation procedure
  • Running the tool
:. Examples and Case Studies